so after the apocalypse then

Nuclear post-apocalyptic movies most often represented technology as having been rendered useless (or dust) by the bombs. One interesting feature of I Am Legend is that the infrastructure remains. Most people are wiped out or turned into zombies (let’s face it: they’re zombies) by disease, but there are still generators and there is still some petrol left. Will Smith still works out. He has to, or he can’t run away from the zombies. His house represents an upper middle class enclave (no – the US is not a classless society) in the midst of chaos, the chaos being represented by a return to a pre-technological lifestyle. They’re hunter-gatherers again – none overweight, low blood pressure, fast and strong. It just happens that they hunt and gather humans instead of pre-historic antelopes and berries. They even appear to have a prototypical religion. And they probably don’t fret about when the screen protectors for their new phones are going to arrive, all the while carrying their phones around in plastic bags. Not that anyone would actually do that of course.