so alias then

Tempting to think that the massive scheduling break (four months) between episodes 9 and 10 was due to the arrival of Jennifer Garner’s baby. I don’t doubt that this had something to do with it, but it does seem to be a deliberate policy with US TV drama to pause half way through a series and go into re-run for the next few months, before resuming the series. Why do they do that?

It seems to have returned from the break leaner and tighter – in lots of ways reminiscent of series 1, reminding me of why we got hooked on it in the first place. It definitely needed to end, partly so that we don’t have to hear about the confounded Rombaldi anymore. I always thought that the best episodes were the one-offs in which an immediate threat was confronted using the combined resources of the main characters. (A welcome recent addition to this formula has been Rachel Nichols. No – not just for aesthetic reasons.) But I really never want to see page 47 of the Rombaldi manuscript (with the sketch of Jennifer Garner) ever again.

I guess not really much of surprise that Sloane got consumed by Rombaldi fever all over again, after being on the wagon for so long. Perhaps a little ham-fisted, though, to have Nadia sacrificed so soon after he has spent such a long time getting her a cure for her rage-like condition (shamelessly ripped off from 28 Days Later). Who’d have thought that Vaughan was still alive? I have to say I like the way that they’ve set up the endgame. As I said, a return to the slick gadgetry and deft reinterpretation of cliché that marked it out as innovative in the first place. For a long time, I’ve been hanging out for Marshall turning out to be an ass-kicking agent for an evil force, but I guess there isn’t time for that now.

Just inadvertently (kind of) looked at some spoilers on Wikipedia. Can’t help myself. Sounds good.

Gentle rain at dusk dampening down the humidity. A peaceful Sunday evening. One of those rare times when we are all in separate rooms. I’m downstairs on the laptop, listening to the water pour off the scrapyard roof. Not long before Gemma goes off on her first non-parental holiday, with Kane.

Big Brother in fifteen minutes.