so analysis then

Comes in many flavours, and is quite clearly something that many people never practise, or at least claim that they do not. To over-analyse is to step outside of your routine and, for example, to comment on how the most brief and trivial of social encounters can be interpreted. If this happened in relation to all social encounters then no progress would be made and nothing would be accomplished. Over-complicate life and you risk enjoying nothing. Select your flow and go with it.

But rewind a second. In subscribing to this are we not choosing simply to relinquish control to someone else? The saying goes that if you have no plan you will end up as part of someone else’s plan. More specifically, if your flow consists of getting excited at the prospect of seeing the profoundly ridiculous Alan Sugar pedal outdated business practices and fake humiliation, are you not just part of his plan? Or is he part of a fickle commissioning and marketing plan that could at any point consign him to the where-are-they-now folder?

In choosing never to analyse, you are making your own where-are-they-now blanket, selecting your chosen breed of small dog from the holographic generator that masquerades cleverly as an all-seasons woolly hat, and settling down outside Smiths to ask for spare change. This is obviously an extreme position to take, but one worth exploring. The regular habit of stepping back and analysing can nurture and develop wrong thinking. I have experience of this. But it is also the only way to extricate yourself from wrong thinking. I have experience of this.