so being a regent’s park squirrel then

There are things I should have chosen to do, and there are things I should have chosen not to do. But to expend significant energy on regret is to waste resources that are better used for learning. Looking back and isolating a part of your life that was the best you’ve ever experienced, and either wishing you could go back or concluding that things will never be better than then, is one of the saddest activities a human can undertake. I’m minded of an Eddie Izzard gag in which he observes that squirrels sometimes pause during the munching of nuts as if they are thinking “Did I leave the gas on?”, only to resume with the apparent realisation: “Fuck it. I’m a squirrel.” Squirrels most assuredly do get things done. The squirrels in Regent’s Park have lost the timidity gene and think nothing of facing down passers by to demand food. It’s all about judicious modification of instinct. Nuts anyone?