so business in 2009 then

The business is up and running. Not the apocalyptic launch I had in my head. More the product of not being able to see any reason for not doing it there and then. What better way to occupy that moribund period between Christmas and New Year when, as Michael McIntyre said, it appears you can only buy sofas? I think I have Zen Cart customised to a very nicely usable state, with a clean interface and transparent checkout process. Seems PayPal Express doesn’t sit well with the customisation I’m using, so I’m sticking with PayPal Payments Standard. So far so good. Gentle, but the pace will pick up, as they say.

It’s all about adding content now. The odd little tweak here and there, but the structure is in place and the content is the thing.

Remember to back up.

Part of the reason for posting this is to nudge the Christmas Tree off the top spot. It has to go. Funny how we live Christmas from November until late December, and then suddenly it has to go. Don’t normally leave it until early February though, but I can seen the thought process whereby that electrician wanted to keep it going all year round. That blues period in January can be crushing. I think I offset it to a large extent this time, but I didn’t zap it away. Still lurking in the shadows, holding my coat and snickering. Nothing beats that time when we had to go in on 2nd January.

Bored with snow and ice now. Should keep the bugs at bay in the summer. Should prune at Half Term.

Good in a way that a band have done a cover of Desolation Row, but MCR have made a bit of a dog’s breakfast of it. What does a typical dog’s breakfast actually consist of?

Hey ho. Fast forward.