so coheed and cambria then

The finest, and they’re playing the Astoria in London from 1st to 4th December, performing all four of their albums consecutively, in their entirety: I’ll just have to imagine myself going, but given the choice there’s very little I’d rather do. Take in some London vibe during the day, show in the evening, couple of beers, bed. Beats eating paté foie gras to the sound of trumpets. But really I guess it’s just the modern equivalent. In other news our shower has packed up. Runs for five minutes and then dies. I only hope the Mira guy can fix it today. Baths are OK, but they send you to sleep – not great first thing in the morning. Seems we spend half our time thinking about how to extend the fabric or our lives and the other half trying to repair rips in the existing fabric. Problem is the rips tend to come from nowhere, quite unexpectedly, in groups of four or five.