so driving then

Lately I’ve been travelling a lot by train. One day I did decide to use my staff car park permit and drive to work. There is stuff to recommend this of course. In your heated, sealed pod you can regulate your environment as you see fit and just point the car where it needs to go. Theoretically.

People on trains do not monitor each other for how fast they think they should be going or which space they are occupying or not occupying or precisely how they have moved into that space. Drivers should definitely do this, or collisions will happen, but it’s the aggression I’ve learned to detest. Public transport is such a passive, civilised experience. It may not always be warm, and you may sometimes have to listen to someone else’s music, or someone else’s phone conversation but you get there without having to drip stress if you’ve made a wrong turn and the satnav has lost its signal or slam to a halt on a sixpence if someone can’t wait for an otherwise deserted road to clear before pulling out of a side street.

I like sitting and waiting to arrive. In my previous teaching post I struggled to face the things that Willy Loman faced. Had to compose myself before talking to the class after that final scene in the graveyard. Bad timing Willy. Your wife’s just made the last payment on the mortgage. You were right about the driving though.