so focus then

Back when I was on Twitter actively, I remember being on a train to London for an examiners’ meeting (those days are thankfully over forever now). I remarked on Twitter how boring the Lincolnshire countryside is – flat, continuous farmland. A reply came from my online friend Richard McCann (whom I have met once in real life) that it “depends where your focus is”.

Fair to say that my focus has slipped a little bit in the last couple of days. The top has not toppled, but it may have faltered. I’m getting ready to do some serious page layout work in preparation for a couple things I’m going to publish in the next week or so. So as I had settled down to do some work on writing definitions for the Media handbook on the desktop machine upstairs (too cold and wet to work outside), I thought I’d better do a quick trial run with InDesign. Turns out the installation was all stuffed up. Spent most of the day troubleshooting it. Done now, but a day in which a felt not very productive from a creative point of view.

New focus now though. Retrieve the eye from the bottom of the cup, pop it back in, and you’re good to go.