so learning things then

Today I mostly learned two things. To be more precise, one of them was re-learned. I recently replaced a faulty triple light switch, but then discovered that the terminals were in different places on the new switch. I managed it, but two of the switches were the wrong way round. The one nearest the kitchen is supposed to be for the kitchen light, and the one nearest the lounge is supposed to be for, well, the lounge. Makes sense. But the replaced switch had them reversed, so that you had to remember to use the lounge switch for the kitchen and vice versa. This has irritated me for about three weeks, but I haven’t had the mental space to address it. Things are complicated by the lounge being a two way circuit, with a switch on the other side of the room that controls the same light. Such circuits were second nature at the age of sixteen when I did the new subject of Control Technology at O-Level, but I had to peer and think, and eventually the lights became logical again. It’s good to be re-acquainted with an old friend. The other thing I learned is that if you want to connect two CAT5 sockets together, for patching from the socket to a switch or router and at the other end to a computer, you have to cross-wire the cable run between the two sockets. I’ve yet to work out exactly why. I just know it works. Error and trial. Deliberately boring stuff. I wanted to record what I’d forced myself to learn. The summer break needed to start productively, to break the manic lethargy that grips all teachers in the final days of the summer term. However much you say you will use the last days of the summer term, you use them for nothing but mania and lethargy. It’s all your good for.

In other news the first road trip of the summer begins tomorrow, to Caithness to see my mum. It’s a drive I’ve done many times. Looking forward to it. Three of us are going. The youngest is working her magic at film camp, as she did last summer. The satnav, which got a signal through the skylight, estimated eight hours if we had set off now. Realistically, it’s more like ten or eleven with stops. I’d better sleep, recharge and update my software.