so muscle tone then

Somewhat predictably, the health kick planned for the last couple of weeks of term didn’t come off. I remained in a holding pattern in that respect. Really need to regain muscle tone this holiday. It’s not far away – lurking below the surface. A few days should do it.

Every holiday since my teaching career started, I’ve begun each break with a head full of all kinds of improvement projects. Have I ever accomplished the full list? Well – I’ll leave you to fill in the answer to that from your own imagination. This one feels different. There is a momentum that will escape me and remain unexploited if I don’t keep up with it. DIY, academic progression, assessment of coursework, business development, creative writing, website development. Let’s see.

Michelle Obama has the same natural eloquence as her husband. Inspiring. Parallels with Kennedy are obvious but inescapable. Much has been made over the past several years of Bush’s inability to marshal the subtleties of language (charitable description) to the extent that it has become something of a mass media cliché. But the fact remains that skill in manipulating words is life-changing. Witness international diplomacy: the destinies of millions determined by verbal spin. Would Bush have had the wherewithal to get those missiles removed from Cuba? It’s not just about posturing. How you sell the posture is absolutely critical. For the first time in many decades the world’s biggest power is in the hands of an ethical salesman.

1635 characters. Feels good to escape from the 140 character limit for spell. Now back to The Discipline Of The Twit. See you there people.