so sandy beaches then

Saw on the mega-detailed OS map, that we bought for a mega price in Broadford Co-Op, that Fiskavaig Bay has a sandy beach, so yesterday had a jaunt up there to check it out. Stopped at Carbost and ate lunch by the loch opposite the Talisker distillery. A fair climb up through more very dramatic landscapes to Fiskavaig. Spotted the beach with what appeared to be sand – I say “appeared” because it a kind of muddy brown colour. Made our way to it on foot and realised it was indeed sand but just not golden. I guess it’s a bit like drinking a bright blue cup of coffee – tastes great but doesn’t quite look right. The sea was warm compared to Caithness. Spotted one or two living creatures in the pools. Lisa decided that mine and Judith’s pronunciation of “plankton” was hilarious – with artificial emphasis on the second syllable.

The journey back was tiring. When we got to the tourist information centre in Broadford I realised that in order to get out and see places I was spending the best part of the day just driving.

Some tedious shopping in Broadford Co-Op, and then back to the cottage.

Went down to the beach at the end of the garden to drink a beer and generally chill out, absorbing the ambience of the calm sea and mountains and chatting.

Intended to watch Zoolander but the Sky box crashed. By the time I’d sorted it out, we’d missed the start so we settled for Big Brother instead – the prison scenario.

Off for boat trip off Elgol and up into a loch today. Planning a curry for tea. Not going on the trip until 2.15, so may as well let the kids lie in a bit.