so sleep then

I’ve never been that good at sleeping. Last night I did manage something like a normal night’s sleep (for me, anyway) – and it’s made me realise that’s it’s pretty much the key to everything. You can get so much more done and think much more easily. David Blaine on the radio sounds like has hasn’t slept for several years. I suppose at least there’s someone out there who sounds even more of a dope than I do. I’m also fairly convinced that it’s why Blair looked so wrecked towards the end of his premiership. He’s not that old. Bet he’s doing a degree of gloating now though.

Not much point in any more protestations that I’ll get to things soon. May as well just do them. If nothing else I’ve managed to conquer my weight in the last eighteen months – down 2.5 stone – so now it’s time for the other stuff on the list.