so sound then

I think I’m concluding that sound quality is more important to me than picture quality. Don’t get me wrong: I like both. But it’s a bigger deal breaker if the sound quality is crap. Decent sound equipment stands the test of time much better than video equipment too. My front speakers are more than twenty years old and they still deliver. Twenty year old TVs are pretty much skip material. My surround amp is seven years old – pure, clear, effortless. Also got a Marantz CD-52 mkII CD player off eBay a couple of years ago – about 40 quid as I remember, built around the time that Definitely Maybe was released, and still delivering sound quality that most modern low to mid range equipment can’t get anywhere near. Which is more than I can say for Noel and the boys, sadly. Finally, the Rel subwoofer I got off eBay last October – and travelled to London to pick up, much to most people’s puzzlement – has transformed my life in ways that few people can relate to.