so summer then

Tomorrow is Easter Day and the start of British Summer time. The temperatures are lifting incrementally although frosts persist at night. It’s good to wake on the first Saturday of the Easter break with the sun patiently etching away the lying snow, one crystal at a time. Other joys of Saturday mornings include the facility to watch BBC Breakfast in HD without the disturbing red screen that politely informs you of  the unavailability of local news programming in HD. Local news seems to take a break on Saturday and Sunday. Sadly the BBC1 HD slot on a Sunday morning is usually occupied by football.

Yesterday I decided to experiment with having dual displays on the PC upstairs. This was inspired by seeing a promo for a documentary fronted by Terry Pratchett called Facing Extinction, a title that has dual significance: updating us on the fate of orangutans since he last campaigned to save them, and reflecting on his own extinction in the face of developing Alzheimer’s disease. He moves downstairs in a noticeably laboured way. I had not realised that the disease had such physical effects. Anyway, I happened to notice that in his study he has a veritable bank of monitors on his desk, almost as if he thought ‘I may be dead before long. Fuck it. I’m going to have a bank of monitors.’ So I brought a redundant monitor out of retirement and attached it to the spare VGA output on the graphics card. Up to press it’s just unused blank desktop space, but I have enjoyed dragging things onto it and back again, imagining that somehow by magic the window or icon that I’m dragging leaps through the air and lands on the other screen. Potential.

Probably off to buy a pair of jeans now. I hope to outlive them, although I guess I’m nearing an age bracket where outliving your clothes becomes increasingly less likely. Hey ho.