so summer then

Longest day done. Thoughts turn to that summer between O-Level and sixth form, when I wrote the first few chapters of a science fiction novel. It will remain forever in a filing cabinet drawer. Or maybe in a few decades people will shuffle by its selectively opened pages in a dim glass case, thoughts turning to the wi-fi and the overpriced cakes in the BL cafe. Light is bleach.

It’s occurred to me frequently that I’ve essentially been at school with very few interruptions, since I was four. That rhythm, starting in September and reaching a lull in June or July. The promise of crisp WH Smith jumbo pads acquired in late August. The promise to yourself of reparations for the lapses, when you get your Jeremy Kyle days in July. But in a sense if you think that way it’s already over. The margins of the jumbo pad already have bored doodles on at least the first few pages. Statements of determination are just that, dissipated in the June drizzle as easily as the vodka from that smashed Smirnoff bottle I avoided on the pavement this morning. Wipe the accumulated mist from your spectacles and pick up a trowel. Hold it aloft and confront the army of dorks. What a different saga it would have been if Tolkein had just added a “d”.

How ever so slightly easier life would be if my Blackberry didn’t mysteriously revert to American spelling every morning. Everything happens for a reason. The public transport experiment continues. Never leave the “l” out of the word “public”. That would be an entirely different kind of experiment. £86 for a month of bus and train travel racks up favourably against over £200 of fossil fuel. Seems unfair for those prehistoric ferns and insects to be atomised and puked from the behinds of machines that middle England spent all Sunday waxing. I’m sure they didn’t intend it that way. The hydrocarbon imperative will re-assert though. I’m already projecting myself onto a November canvas. The fake blood and vampire teeth are back in the drawer, and thoughts turn to commemorating the death of a Catholic scapegoat.