so the alias finale then

So Sloane is trapped in a tomb forever (immortality at a heavy price – he can’t even play Sodoku) and Irina has fallen to her death because she chose Rombaldi over Sydney. Sydney, Vaughan and child flash forward into the future and they have a remote house by the beach. But they haven’t quite hung up their mission boots and are considering helping Dixon out. The show must go on.

Can’t help feeling creeped out by the idea of Sloane trapped alive underground forever. Surely it can’t be entirely permanent. In a few hundred, maybe in a few thousand years there’s going to have to be some geological movement that’ll free him up. But then he might find himself the only (immortal) human in a world ruled by giant insects.

Big Brother eviction night again. Richard and Imogen are up, and it looks like Imogen is probably going. The two possible evictees are in “the house next door” until after the eviction, at which point the person left will return to the main house. Lea, Nikki, Grace and Mikey were voted (back) into the “house next door” by the public, on Tuesday, as potential candidates for returning to the main house until the final next Friday – decided tonight by the other housemates (I think). Here’s hoping it’s not Grace or Nikki. Can’t abide either of them.

It’s Imogen. Lots of cheers.

It’s Nikki going back in. For Heaven’s sake…