so the end of bb and this last week then

Hardly seems a week since the BB final. At least The Law Of The Playground is back though, which pleased Lisa.

The BB final panned out as predicted, with Pete winning of course. For many weeks I’d pictured that scene with Pete and Glyn the only two people left in the house, and it was pretty much as I’d imagined. The only disappointment was Pete’s interview, but I guess he was always going to be unable to speak. His main aim was to “sort my mum out”, but at the back of his mind must have been some notion of publicising Tourette’s. I have to confess that I changed my opinion on that during the series. At the start I thought that people would laugh at him for the wrong reasons. Guess I was wrong.

Saturday I spent finishing the bathroom windowsill and door for political reasons. Also realised from the radio that X Factor was starting that night. Here we go again. Quite amusing in the event though, and looks like Trevor is making a comeback.

Sunday. Usual round of shopping and stuff. Some revelations about Cornwall that went surprisingly well.

Monday saw some flurrying about door handles, and then it was time to get Gemma and Kane from the airport. Again, it all went smoothly, and I needn’t have worried – although I couldn’t help it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were committed to some DIY in Clitheroe. I think it went well, in the end, although a supposedly simple plumbing job turned into a nightmare, largely because of the unorthodox methods of the previous occupant. Compression joints on plastic barrier pipe. Phase to neutral reversal – sounds like a job for the Enterprise. Some rumbling in the pipes.

Thursday was GCSE results day. I really struggled with whether to go in or not, but in the end decided I might as well put myself out my misery. Brigid had also said, from her roof terrace in Holland, that she wouldn’t mind her own SAT and GCSE results. I was really pleasantly surprised with the results for my own GCSE group. I suppose really intelligent students are bound to do well.

Friday and Saturday I had hoped to finish the bulk of my paper, but I was struck by some weird stomach thing that robbed me of energy. Spent most of Saturday in bed. Today I’m kind of returning to normal. Saw most of a storming set by Muse at Reading before bed last night.