so the first sunday of half term then

There’s nothing like space in your head and the knowledge that you don’t have to fill it with anything within a specified time frame.

Plenty of things need to be done, but inhabiting that space for a couple of days and nullifying all real responsibility has quite a cleansing effect. Neurones that are beaten down by the daily routine dust themselves off and fire up again. Somehow your brain rehydrates and the future is so much more plausible.

Watched Ptang Yang Kipperbang early evening, after a tea of stuffed red peppers and baked potatoes. Every bit the reminder that I hoped it would be – the central epiphany of the squashed spider and the appearance/reality motif have stood the test of time and then some.

Then Close Encounters bought this afternoon in Asda for a fiver. Very pleasantly surprised to learn that it has a DTS track. Pulsed the sub at the appropriate UFO moments, and was overall very politely balanced. They’re good finds – old movies with DTS sound. Somehow it seems they make more effort when remastering an old movie. The ultimate is Duel.