so the last week of term then

Has come round remarkably quickly. Time has that habit of passing, regardless of what people do. The trick is to fill it with valuable stuff. Speaking of which, I opened a Twitter account just over a week ago. Couldn’t ignore it any longer. I guess the idea of it is that it provides carefully selected microscopic windows on people’s daily lives – but as I’ve said to others – in an odd way it’s helping me to structure daily life. Maybe that says more about me than Twitter. But there is a sense of “if I’m Twittering about it I’d better actually be doing it”. Quite clearly, many people think it’s very strange and wonder why anyone would do it. My question, as ever, is “why would you not do it?” The more weird people think it is, in a way the more it makes me want to do it. But maybe that’s just me being odd.

First dark morning of BST. Leeds Fest tickets on sale tonight. Not sure what’ll happen with that. Don’t have time to queue at HMV. Don’t really hold out much hope of getting any tickets online. It’s really irritating that they don’t announce the headliners until minutes before the tickets go on sale. It’s not as if they’ll have any trouble selling the tickets. Seems almost as though they want the process to be chaotic.