so the return of an old friend then

In this case the old friend is an email address, one that I had to abandon a few years ago because it got contaminated with junk. Every day I had to wade through a landfill of flyers for watches and performance enhancement pills in order to find emails from people. Unsustainable. Periodically I’ve taken the address out of its faded leather case on top of the wardrobe, dusted off its strings and sent it out into a post-apocalyptic world to eke out a living. Every time, within a day, I’ve had to put it back into its lead-lined stasis chamber after wiping the parasitic spam-flies from its face. This time, with a fresh coat of varnish, it’s been out there for two days without even a tentative enquiry from a spam-fly. Seems even bots may get discouraged and do a some Spring cleaning sporadically. Party on.