so wi-fi and marmite then

I’m thinking that wi-fi is the networking equivalent of squeezy Marmite. Great when it works well, irritating when it starts to clog up and you get it all over your hands, profoundly depressing when it fails and just blows air. I’m writing this on a laptop connected to my home network via wi-fi. The signal strength is “excellent” and the speed is at maximum, but I know that this is only because the wireless access point is in the corner of the room, about ten feet from where I’m sitting. If I go the other side of the wall, into the garden, the signal strength and speed start to get just a little bit less reliable. If I go two floors up to the attic, it’s a two cans and a string scenario.

Since my eldest daughter has returned from university, things have been changed around in her room, and the ethernet cable I’d arranged to emerge from beneath the laminate floor was no longer in the right place for her desktop PC. Tried the wi-fi option, as I had installed an access point a few years ago for the convenience of moving the laptop around. Guess what? Network access on her PC kept cutting out, even after I’d moved the wi-fi access point to just above her room. Late last night I resolved that lifting the edge of the laminate floor and re-routing the network cable was the best option. Today I set to and took the beading up from the edge of the floor, and then had a thought that this was a good opportunity to put in a proper socket where the computer now is, running some 2.5mm twin and earth cable around the edge of the laminate and then putting the beading back down. Neater than running trunking round the skirting board. Since the room had been re-arranged, the PC had been running off an old extension lead I’d run under the floor a few years ago when the floor was originally put down. Yes I know. Felt good to put it right though and install a proper wall mounted socket. The Marmite is now in stately glass jar, stored the right way up.

All this meant that writing I had planned for today didn’t get started until later, but get started it did. I’ve done a bit more on writing definitions of media analysis terminology for the A-Level handbook, and some more on the introduction to my own short volume of poems Mandrakes and Pin-Ups, soon to be published through my own company mollybleed.