so words and sound and techie things then

I think it’s words for me because I seem to have been born with a predisposition to use them, in spite of not being a prodigious reader. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve read quite a lot of stuff, but I don’t devour. Actually, it would be my observation that those who devour tend not to be very aware of what they’ve read. Bookworms are by no means always very good at analysing literature, and often don’t see the point of it. Sound – because, as I’ve said before, I’m more aware of sound quality than picture quality. I also recently had a return to sound production and editing, when a colleague asked me to help put together an experimental podcast. Very much enjoyed the experience. I plan to do more. Techie stuff: well, it’s just very useful, empowering. I’m not into it for the sake of it, despite what some people think. Computer fairs and technology conventions don’t hold much appeal for me, if any. I like the absolute, unforgiving nature of technology. Appeals to my slightly autistic tendencies.